How to Renew Driving Licence

Do not end up paying a fine for having an expired licence! This guide will provide you with the information to make the right decisions in renewing your driving licence with DVLA.  Every photocard licence must be renewed every 10 years. A reminder will also be sent to your permanent address that is printed on your current card, so it is critical to have an up to date address on your current licence.

driving-licence-sample-expiry date
There are different methods for DVLA licence renewal. You can either use DVLA renew photo driving licence online, renew driving licence with DVLA by post or DVLA renew driving licence at the post office. If you require more information, then you can also visit our DVLA  contact page to get the accurate contact information you need. Here are the necessary steps for renewal of an expired driving licence.

  • Step One: Renew your licence online.
  • Step Two: Renew driving licence by post.
  • Step Three: Renew driving licence at post office.
    1. Step One: Renew Online

      When renewing your driving licence online with DVLA, a valid UK passport is required. However, when making a change of name or title for the vehicle, you cannot do standard DVLA driving licence photo card renewal online. Instead, you have to do this in person. You can only renew your driving licence online if you are a resident of Great Britain.

      How much is it to renew a driving licence with DVLA?
      DVLA driving licence renewal costs £14, which you can pay either by cash or credit card. You do not have to pay this amount if you are over 70 or you are qualified for a medical short period licence. You must be able to provide your addresses of residence for the last three years. You should also be ready with your National Insurance number if you still can remember it.


      Obviously, your current driving licence is also required. In case you do not have one, then you must provide a reason why you don’t have any. You must also state why you should not be disqualified from driving. In the case you are concerned, first see a doctor in order to have a healthy medical record with you.

      Online renewal takes a week. Be sure to send your old photocard licence to DVLA once you have obtained your new driving licence. They will provide you with a DVLA address of where to send your old licence. The validity of your new licence will start once your DVLA application has been approved.

      To apply online, you must use your Government Gateway ID and go to your DVLA login menu. In case if you do not have any then you must re-register in order to get one.

      DVLA - Log in

      First, you must log in to DVLA website using your Government Gateway User ID and password. If you have forgotten either your User ID or password, then you can click the ‘Re-register’ link. If you are a new customer, then you should click the ‘Register’ link.

      DVLA - Log in 2

      To re-register, you must enter all your personal details including your title, name, gender, date of birth, and country of birth. Then, click next to continue.

      DVLA - Re register

      After you have applied online, you will receive a confirmation email from DVLA. If you have other questions such as DVLA address changes, or if you did not receive any confirmation email, then get in touch with DVLA contact number 0300 790 6801.

    2. Step Two: Renew by Post

      In order to renew your licence by post, the first thing that you need to do is to order a ‘D1 pack’ of forms from DVLA.

      DVLA - order form

      Choose D1 Pack from the list of DVLA forms. You can also get this from a Post Office that handles DVLA photocard renewal or vehicle tax.

      DVLA - D1 Form

      Fill out the DVLA application to renew driving licence form. Aside from your completed DVLA licence renewal form, you should also include your most recent passport photo. There’s no need of signing it at the back. The DVLA cost to renew a driving licence is £17, you can pay this amount either by cheque or postal order. Make sure that it is payable to DVLA. However, if you are over 70 or you have a medical short period licence then you do not have to pay anything. Most importantly, you should include your recent photocard licence, in case you have it. However, if you’ve changed your name, then you must also include your identity documents. Send all of these documents to DVLA Swansea Head Office:

      ATTN: Renew Driving Licence
      SA99 1DH

    3. Step Three: Renew in Person

      After you received your reminder letter, you should take this to any of the local Post Offices that handle DVLA photocard licence renewal. You can figure out which one is closest by looking at the Post Office online. Along with the letter, you should also include your recent photocard licence in case you have it. If you do not have a reminder letter, then you can use your current photocard licence in applying.
      Bring also £21.50 for the DVLA fee. Keep in mind that you cannot renew your driving licence at the Post Office if your name has been changed. You should apply by post. For more DVLA information, you can also connect with DVLA email [email protected].

      Whether you apply by post or at a Post Office, your new driving licence will probably arrive within three weeks. The cause of the delay might be the verification of your medical or personal details. For any other concerns, you can also contact DVLA phone number 0300 790 6801.