How to Refund Aegean Airlines

Part of the Star Alliance network, Aegean Airlines is the largest Greek carrier. The company boasts of 61 aircrafts. Aegean Airlines flights cover 134 routes, of which 34 are domestic and 100 international. Passengers can also fly to Aegean Airlines destinations worldwide thanks to global partners. Find out all the ways to contact Aegean Airlines customer service team

Chances are you want an Aegean Airlines refund but don’t know where to start. You’re at the right place. In this article, we’ll show you how to get an Aegean Airlines refund quickly.

Visit the Aegean Airlines official website
Review the Aegean Airlines Cancellation Policy
Cancel Aegean Airlines Flight Ticket
Contact Aegean Airlines phone number 0208 759 3800

You’ll also learn some important things about Aegean Airlines ticket refund policy.  For assistance, contact Aegean customer service helpline. Live operators will answer questions concerning  Aegean booking cancellation and ticket refunds.

Otherwise, you can jump straight to Aegean Airlines flight cancellation and refund steps:

Step 1 – Enter Aegean Airlines Main Website
Step 2 – Read Aegean Airlines Ticket Cancellation Policy
Step 3 – Cancel Your Aegean Airlines Booking
Step 4 – Contact Aegean Airlines Helpline

1 – Enter Aegean Airlines Website

Open your browser and go straight to Aegean Airlines official website. Log into Aegean Airlines MyAccount section, that is, if you have an account. Apart from logging in with your Aegean Airlines online account credentials, you can easily log in via your Facebook account.

Aegean Airlines My Account

Haven’t signed up? Read how to register and login Aegean Airlines before you proceed.

2 – Read Aegean Airlines Ticket Cancellation Policy

Next, review the terms and conditions that apply to Aegean Airlines ticket cancellation.  It’s very important that you do that so that you can understand how Aegean Airlines ticket refunds works. The reason is that conditions apply to cancellations depending on Fare category and Fare class. Refundable Aegean Airlines tickets have a refund charge. For instance,  a €20 Aegean Airlines flight refund charge applies to both domestic and international flights (only refundable tickets). In the unfortunate event that your reallocation is unfeasible, your entitled to a Aegean Airlines flight ticket refund.

In addition, Aegean Airlines has a policy for baggage. Refunds apply only whenever there is a flight change caused by flight cancellation or delays and two, where a passenger loses baggage involuntarily. The Aegean Airlines baggage policy only applies to flights operated by the airline and Olympic Air.

Aegean Airlines Changes Cancellations

3- Cancel Your Aegean Airlines Booking

You can quickly and conveniently  cancel your Aegean Airlines domestic flight ticket or international ticket as well as any existing seat reservation under Aegean Airlines My Booking section.  Once you’re in, go to your Aegean Airlines flight bookings and select the flight ticket you want to cancel.  Take note that Aegean Airlines charges incurred for seat reservations or preferential seats can’t be reimbursed upon ticket cancellation.

Aegean Airlines Ticket Refunds

Sometimes, change of plans may force you to cancel your Aegean Airlines bookings and seek a refund. It could be that you’ve also found a cheaper alternative to Aegean Airlines flight tickets or just want to use a different route.  So, what’s the refundable Aegean Airlines ticket amount? To qualify for Aegean Airlines refund, make sure that you cancel the flight at least two weeks before the scheduled time of departure. Let’s look at what you can expect whenever you ask for an Aegean Airlines ticket refund.

Aegean Airlines Economic Class Ticket Refunds

Economy class tickets are non refundable, be it a domestic flight or an international flight. Nonetheless, you can still cancel either by contacting Aegean Airlines call center. You will be charged a 20€ fee per ticket. If you bought an Aegean Airlines ticket with through a Travel Agency, please refer to their point of sale. For involuntary seat change because of security causes or Aegean Airlines aircraft change, you be assigned an equivalent seat.

Aegean Airlines Flex Tickets Refunds

Flex domestic tickets are partially refundable in the event of a cancellation. The non-refundable Aegean Airlines fare is 45 Euros per flight. The same rules apply to Aegean Airlines flex international tickets. In case of a cancellation, €50 is non-refundable for shorter flights and €60 for longer ones. You have to pay the refund fee first before you can get your Aegean Airlines ticket refunds. For more information, refer to Aegean Airlines Fare Rules.

If you cancel an Aegean Airlines domestic flight ticket or an international one because you have seen cheaper tickets, you won’t get a refund for the fare difference. Fare rules will still apply to any subsequent Aegean Airlines booking regardless of whether your cancel your ticket or but a new one.

4) – Contact Aegean Airlines Helpline

Finally, contact the Aegean Airlines phone number 0208 759 3800 to request for a refund. Live operators are available 247 to assist you with ticket cancellation and refunds. For every ticket, you will incur an Aegean Airlines cancellation fee of 20€. The customer care representatives will assist you to confirm the Aegean Airlines Fare category of your booking. You can also obtain the same information on your booking confirmation page.

If you’re unhappy with how your Aegean Airlines ticket cancellation was done, you can lodge a complaint. Here is how to make a formal complaint Aegean Airlines.