How to Make a Formal Complaint Aegean Airlines

Passengers can book Aegean Airlines flights, make changes to reservations, add extra baggage,  and check their flight status or schedule from the official website. In this article, we’ll show you how to file a complaint about Aegean Airlines cancellation, refund, lost baggage, food, cargo, and miles.

To file a complaint with Aegean Airlines, follow these steps:

There are three ways to make Aegean Airlines complaints. You can submit a complaint online, send a mail to Aegean Airlines postal address, or find the proper contact information for Aegean Airlines. Customer service representatives will assist you to resolve booking complaints, trace baggage, and obtain Aegean Airlines flight refunds.

Get started by opening the Aegean Airlines main website. If you have an account, log in to retrieve your Aegean Airlines flight number, date and place of departure, as well as other booking details that will use to file your Aegean Airlines complaint.

  1. Step 1 – Review Aegean Airlines Terms & Conditions

    Do you have a complaint worth lodging? Just like most carriers, Aegean Airlines has terms and conditions as well as notices that govern how complaints regarding tickets, flights, fares, and baggage are handled. For instance, passengers who buy Aegean Airlines tickets for domestic flights under the economy class are not eligible for refunds. Passengers who fly Aegean Airlines business class can get refunds but after paying the Aegean Airlines flight refund fee.

    Aegean Airlines Conditions and Notices

    Passenger delays

    In the event of a passenger delay, Aegean Airlines will be liable for Damage where it failed to take reasonable measures to prevent delays or where it was impossible to take such measures. Aegean Airlines compensation for passenger delay is capped at 4,694 SDRs (roughly EUR 5,440*).

    Baggage delays

    Aegean Airlines will be liable for Baggage delay or damage where it failed to take reasonable measures to prevent loss, delay or damage. Passengers who file a claim for Baggage delay are entitled to 1,131 SDRs (approximately EUR 1,311*). This covers claim for loss and destruction as well. So keep this in mind when filing a complaint or seeking Aegean Airlines compensation.

    Loss, Damage or Destruction to Baggage

    Aegean Airlines is not liable for baggage that is lost or damaged in transit because of passenger negligence or carelessness. Aegean Airlines will only be liable for Unchecked baggage if at fault. Where Aegean Airlines is liable, the carrier will pay up 1,131 SDRs ( approximately EUR 1,311*) as compensation.  For Checked Baggage, the carrier will be liable even if it is not at fault with the exception of defective baggage.

    To get a clear picture of how refunds and Aegean Airlines cancellations, read the Aegean Airlines conditions and notices. Don’t hesitate to contact the Aegean Airlines support team for clarification, if need be.

  2. Step 2 – Complain Online to Aegean Airlines Customer Service

    File Complaint via Aegean Airlines Website

    Go to the Aegean Airlines contact us page and file your complaint this way:

    • Enter your email address and full name followed by your Aegean Airlines frequent flyer number if you have one.
    • Select Complaint under Type of Communication and specify the nature of complaint whether it has to do with My Booking, Miles+Bonus, Aegean Airlines flight tickets, flight irregularities, or any other issue.
    • Enter your street address, postal code, city, country, and phone number followed by the date of flight, point of departure, destination, and flight number without forgetting the class of service and Aegean Airlines ticket number.

    Aegean Airlines contact details

    • Indicate the subject matter and make your queries. You can attach any supporting documents before you submit your case to the Aegean Airlines customer service.

    make Aegean Airlines query

    • Review the details you have entered and submit once you are satisfied that they’re accurate.

    You don’t need to login to Aegean Airlines MyAccount to file a complaint online.

  3. Step 3 – Follow up, Contact Aegean Airlines Again


    You will never succeed at this unless you follow up with a response. This can be done using the post, making a phone call or even sending an email or two. If you have filed an Aegean Airlines complaint for lost, delayed, or destroyed baggage, write your second letter and attach any and all accompanying documents in the letter:

    Aegean Airlines Customer Relations Department
    Building 57, Athens International Airport,
    190 19, Spata, Artemida Attikis, Greece

    The letter should be sent within 7 days within first submitting your complaint. In the event of a delay within 21 days from the date on which the baggage was lost. You can also submit your Aegean Airlines complaint letter on arrival at the lost and found the department of the airport.

    There are multiple phone numbers to contact Aegean Airlines with. For customer service use the Aegean Airlines contact number UK 0208 759 3800 or contact Aegean Airlines booking 0871 200 0040. You can also contact Aegean Airlines phone number +30 210 355 0300 from abroad and state your case. Live operators are available from Monday to Friday, 09:00 am – 5:00 pm local time. Have your Aegean Airlines ticket number and particulars of the flight and ticket handy so that you can be assisted quickly.

    Last but not least send a quick response to Aegean Airlines email address [email protected]. This reinforces that your complaint is on record and you require a response.