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Contact Bell Insurance UK service and support number: 0333 220 2008 local rate, and if you need road side assistance call 0800 600 840 free phone. Service opening times are: Monday-Sunday 8am-8pm; Saturday 9am-5pm, Sunday 9.30am-4pm. Bell Insurance email: [email protected]

Bell Insurance Customer Service Phone Numbers

Department Phone Number Price
Customer Services 0333 220 2008 Up to 55p/minute
Quote Acceptance Line 0333 220 2088 Up to 55p/minute
Bell Breakdown Cover and Safe Driver scheme 0333 220 2011 Up to 55p/minute
Claims Department 0333 220 2041 Up to 55p/minute
Car Accident 0333 220 2050 Up to 55p/minute
Safe Driver Policy 0333 220 2022 Up to 55p/minute
Standard Policy 0333 222 6717 Up to 55p/minute
Calling from abroad +44 292 060 1295
Roadside emergency helpline 0800 600 840 Free Number
Theft tracking 0333 2020 004 Up to 55p/minute
Glass repair line 0333 220 2028 Up to 55p/minute
Job Vacancies 0800 118 1619 Free Number
Make a complaint about a policy 0330 333 5888 Up to 55p/minute
MultiCar Insurance Customer Services 0333 220 2009 Up to 55p/minute
MultiCar Insurance Admiral Bell 0333 220 2085 Up to 55p/minute
MultiCar Renewals 0333 220 2020 Up to 55p/minute
Bell Insurance Customer Services contact number 0333 220 2008. The line is opened weekdays 8AM to 5PM, 9AM to 5PM on Saturdays and 9:30AM to 4PM and on Sundays, the time is subject to change on bank holidays. Call this Bell Insurance Customer Services helpline to make enquiries on how policy update and No claims bonus proof.  You can also update your policy online via the secure email, ensure you have policy number ready when calling.
Bell Insurance Quote Acceptance Line contact number is 0333 220 2088. The number is available Monday to Friday 8AM to 10PM, Saturdays 9AM to 6PM, Sunday 10AM to 6PM.  Contact Bell Insurance Quote Acceptance phone number for information on your lost vehicle. If the wrong car was sent to you reach them here and it will be rectified. You can also call the helpline if you need assistance on your quote or want to retrieve a quote.
Bell Insurance Breakdown Cover and Safe Driver Schemes contact number 0333 220 2011.The number is opened from Monday to Friday 8AM to 8PM, Saturday from 9AM to 5PM and on Sunday at 9:30AM to 4PM. If you are interested in getting signed on any breakdown cover policy you need to contact this Bell Insurance Breakdown Cover helpline for assistance. The team is dedicated to provide information on the benefits. Have in hand model of your car and insurance policy when you call.
Bell Insurance Claims department contact number is 0333 220 2041. This number is available on Weekdays 8AM to 9PM, 9AM to 5PM on Saturday and from 10AM to 4PM on Sunday. Contact the Bell Insurance Claims department if you want to make a claim in a case of an eventuality. Claim advisors are available to educate you on the necessary procedure to undertake.  By the use of the online claims form you can as well initiate a claim.
Bell Insurance Car Accident contact number is 0333 220 2050. The line is dedicated to deal with issues of car accidents. If you have been knocked down by an individual insured by Bell contact the Bell Insurance Car Accident helpline. You will be guided to fill the Bell Insurance accident report form , here you will provide your policy details and details of last person in charge of the car. You will also need to provide damage and repair details of your car and vivid details about the accident after which you will submit the form for a claim.
Bell Insurance Safe Driver Policy contact number is 0333 220 2022. The line is open 24 hours in a day. You can contact Bell Insurance Safe Driver Policy to know more about the policy, you will be educated on how the policy works, the duration of the policy, it’s cost features and benefits. You can also reach the Bell team contact for renewal of your insurance cover.
Bell Insurance Standard Policy contact number is 0333 222 6717. The number is available Monday to Friday from 8AM to 8PM, Saturday from 9AM to 5PM and on Sunday 10AM to 4PM. Call Bell Insurance Standard Policy helpline for information relating to all your policies. Bell Insurance Policy team will provide you with any information you need on the various Standard Policy documents available.
Bell Insurance Calling from abroad contact number is +44 292 060 1295.Contact the Bell Insurance Abroad support helpline if you need to contact Bell Insurance whilst away from the UK for every information on your policy. The team will give you the necessary assistance immediately.
Bell Insurance Roadside Emergency Helpline free number is 0800 600 840. Contact Bell Insurance Roadside Emergency Support team if you are on the roadside assistance cover and experience a breakdown. Bell Roadside Technicians will be with you in an average of 42minutes.You can also contact for information on the full range of benefits of the policy
Bell Insurance Theft tracking contact number is 0333 202 0004.The line is open 24 hours a day, seven days in a week. This Bell insurance Policy helps you claim for uninsured loses. This service is for the safe driver scheme only.
Bell Insurance Glass repair line contact number is 0333 220 2028. The line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week. You can contact the Bell Insurance Glass repair line if your insured car is involve in an accident and you experience a glass break. The team will see to the repair of the glass.
Bell Insurance Job Vacancies free number is 0800 118 1619. Contact Bell Insurance Job Vacancy if you have dreams of working with the company. Every information on job opportunities at Bell Insurance will be provided by the recruitment team. Existing job vacancies are made available online for interested applicants.
Bell Insurance Make a complaint about a policy contact number is 0330 333 5888. Contact Bell Insurance Complaint Team about any dissatisfaction you may have. If you experience a downside on a policy call this number. The team will provide resolution within five working days after an investigation has been conducted on the issue and ensure you are satisfied henceforth.
Bell Insurance MultiCar Insurance Customer Services contact number is 0333 220 2009. Contact the Bell Multicar Insurance team for enquiries on having a single insurance policy for two or more cars. The Bell Insurance MultiCar Customer Services team will provide you with information on the Admiral MultiCar from their sister company and the benefits that comes with it.
Bell Insurance Admiral Bell contact number is 0333 220 2085. Contact Bell Admiral Helpline if you have two or more cars and you need a policy for.  You will be educated on how to keep all your existing cars under one policy. The discount rates and other benefits will also be spelled out to you.
Bell Insurance MultiCar Renewals contact number is 0333 220 2020.The line is available on weekdays 8AM to 5PM, Saturday from 9AM to 5PM and on Sunday from 10AM to 4PM. If your have not made any claims on your policy and the duration expires you can contact Bell Insurance Renewal phone number to request a renewal.

Bell Insurance Address

Ty Admiral, David Street, Cardiff, CF10 2AA

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