Contact Argos UK customer service and support 0800 085 0565 free number, available 7AM to 10PM, 7 days a week. Contact Argos card, 0345 640 0700 local rate number. Contact Argos customer service online through email: [email protected], and my Argos parcel delivery online: [email protected]

Argos Customer Service Phone Numbers

Department Phone Number Price
Argos Customer Service Free Number 0800 085 0565 Free Number
Customer Service 03 0345 640 3030 Up to 55p/minute
Home Delivery 0345 640 2020 Up to 55p/minute
Argos Card 0345 640 0700 Up to 55p/minute
Gift Cards 0371 384 3532 Up to 55p/minute
Gift Cards Business 0345 421 7000 Up to 55p/minute
Pet Insurance 0800 107 1077 Free Number
Argos Mobile Customer Services 0345 640 1010 Up to 55p/minute
Veterinary Helpline 0800 197 6717 Free Number
Pet Insurance Claim 0345 078 7500 Up to 55p/minute
Product Assembly Specialists 0800 454 828 Free Number
Travel insurance 0800 422 0381 Free Number
Car Insurance 0800 422 0381 Free Number
SIM Card 0800 956 6022 Free Number
Argos Mastercard 0330 099 3001 Up to 55p/minute
Argos Loans 0371 402 8917 Up to 55p/minute
Argos customer service free number is 0800 085 0565 - you can call Argos service if you need help with your order, delivery or any general customer care complaints.
Argos customer service contact 03 number is 0345 640 3030 available from 7am until the Argos Customer service closing time of 10pm daily. The Argos customer service phone number provides access to the Argos customer service department. Call the department to get prompt response to general inquiries concerning collection and delivery of products, refund requests or product returns and technical support for recently purchased products. The customer service department also provides Argos customer services live chat and online support for shoppers. Otherwise, contact Argos online customer services through email: [email protected] or [email protected] for Argos parcel delivery related inquires.
Argos home delivery number is 0345 640 2020 available from 7am, 7 days a week and the Argos Customer service closing time is 10pm daily. Call this number to request information on Argos home delivery charges and Argos home delivery times for various products or purchases. To place orders or request Argos home delivery tracking, you may also use this number. For complaints about Argos home delivery, damaged deliveries or delivery refunds and returns you may request details about Argos home delivery terms and conditions via the number and request consequent action. If your delivery requires installation, call the number prior to the arrival of the product and request information about Argos home delivery installation and recycling.
Argos card contact number is 0345 640 0700 available 8am-8pm Monday-Saturday and 9am-6pm Sunday. Call this number for Argos card enquires regarding Argos card loss, expiration or Argos card balance transfer or balance enquiry and especially Argos card eligibility requirements before application.
Argos gift cards contact number is 0371 384 3532 available 7am to 10pm, 7 days a week. This number caters exclusively to enquires relating to purchase or redeeming of Argos gift cards and related complaints. Call this number for enquires regarding Argos gift cards terms and conditions or directions on using an Argos gift card. To check for your Argos gift cards balance, you may either use the Argos gift card balance checker procedure provided on the company website or call the contact number for directions. Information related to Argos Business gift cards are provided on Argos gift cards business number.
Argos gift cards business contact number is 0345 421 7000 available 7am to 10pm, 7 days a week. Call this number to make inquiries relating to Argos business gift cards purchase, redeem or electronic reloading. The contact number also provides guidance for recipients redeeming their Argos business cards from over 50,000 items available. Concerns regarding Argos gift cards or Argos cards unrelated to the Argos business gift cards are not attended to on this number.
Argos Pet Insurance free number is 0800 107 1077 available 7am to 10pm, 7 days a week. This phone line is the free Argos pet insurance customer service number that provides information on Argos Pet Insurance policy and Argos Pet Insurance exclusions as well as provides rates or quotes on Argos Pet Insurance and receives queries relating to offers, making claims, and purchasing Argos pet insurance free gift cards. Alternately, inquires relating to Argos pet insurance can be made via email at [email protected].
Argos Mobile Customer Services contact number is 0345 640 1010 available 7am to 10pm, 7 days a week. Call the number to access Argos customer services from a mobile including products reservation and pick up arrangements. You can also receive information on the catalogue number of the product(s) you wish to reserve and request help with using a store locator to choose a pick up location for the product you order. Call the number for other concerns such as product tracking and to request refunds and/or VAT receipts for earlier reserved products. Alternately, see the check & reserve page for online equivalent of the number.
Argos Veterinary Helpline free number is 0800 197 6717 available from 7am to 10pm, 7 days a week. The number is Argos vet helpline for obtaining information regarding your pet insurance policies, pet insurance claims and general inquiry questions concerning your pet’s health and the insurance cover entitlements. The helpline will also provide quotations and counseling on how to access health care away from home and emergency help for your pet. To access medical counsel or bereavement counseling, Argos vet helpline is monitored by veterinary nurses to provide necessary aid to tell you the best plan of action.
Argos Pet Insurance Claim contact number is 0345 078 7500 available 7am to 10pm, 7 days a week. The number provides support to laying claims on your pet’s insurance policy by the Argos Pet Insurance Claims department. The department also provides guidance for completing Argo pet insurance claim forms, and responds to enquires about insurance policy covers or exclusions often pre-authorizing some claims. Subsequently the number can be used for follow-up after filing a claim and for requesting information for processing or accessing your claim.
Argos Product Assembly Specialists free number is 0800 454 828 available from 7am to 10pm, 7 days a week. You can call this number to request the services of product assembly specialists or to inquire about the cost of assembly of Argos flat-packed furniture related products. You will be provided a fixed price quote based on the time required to assemble the Argos product and given an appointment suitable for the assembly. To receive instructions on arrangements to be made prior to the assembly, also call this number. If you have an Argos product recall this number is available to find more information.
Argos Travel Insurance free number is 0800 422 0381 available 8am-8pm Monday-Saturday and 9am-6pm Sundays. Call this number to obtain information regarding Argos travel insurance cover policies, and other related queries. You may request for Argos travel insurance quotes, or discounts and promotional offers as well as guidance on how to obtain Argos travel insurance claim based on your cover agreement and policies. You may also call this number for Argos travel Insurance cancellation of your cover. Alternately, you may contact Argos Travel Insurance department via email at [email protected]
Argos Car Insurance free number is 0800 214 2561 available 8am-8pm Monday-Saturday and 9am-6pm Sunday. The number attends to queries relating to Argos car insurance quotes, Argos car insurance applications and cancellations as well as related enquires. Also, you may call this number to obtain information regarding Argos car insurance policies and claims. Otherwise, contact the Argos car insurance department via email at [email protected].
Argos SIM Card free number is 0800 956 6022 available 7am to 10pm, 7 days a week. Call this number to obtain information about purchase of the EE Sim recommended by Argos, or to request information related to call and data subscriptions, promotional offers and discounts provided on the EE Sim. For information on online billing and direct debit payments to landlines, you may also call this number to be attended to. Similarly, complaints and queries concerning your EE Sim purchase and use may be addressed on the contact number as well.
Argos Mastercard contact number is 0330 099 3001 available from 7am to 10pm, 7 days a week. Call this number to request information regarding your Argos Mastercard credit card, eligibility criteria for being issued an Argos Mastercard, balance transfers, percentage rates and monthly repayment arrangements. You may also call the Argos Mastercard customer services number to make Argos Mastercard ppi claims or general Argos Mastercard complaints. To inquire about new credit card applications and other related concerns, also call this number.
Argos Loans contact number is 0371 402 8917 available 7am to 10pm, 7 days a week. This number caters to concerns relating to Argos homeowner loans, Argos personal loans or general Argos loans info. You may call this number to make enquiries regarding eligibility requirements and benefits for various Argos loans, or request information on Argos loans ppi or support while making applications and fulfilling loan requirements. This phone number also provides support for debt management and repayment plans.

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  • No Central Customer Service