How to Cancel 1and1

This quick guide will show you how to cancel your 1and1 packages, 1and1 hosting, or 1and1 domain. Unlike any other companies, wherein 1and1 how to cancel a domain or 1and1 how to cancel a package is made difficult, 1and1 provides you with easy access to cancellation. You can easily access 1and1 company information page on our website to help you in making a successful 1and1 cancel domain. This guide on 1and1 how to cancel account will cover the following:

  • Step One: Open 1and1 website.
  • Step Two: Choose the particular service that you want to cancel.
  • Step Three: Check if there are any cancellation fees.
  • Step Four: Contact 1and1 customer service number 0333 336 5691.
  • Step Five: Contact 1and1 email address [email protected].
  1. Step One: Open 1and1 Website

    If you are a 1and1 customer and you want to know how to cancel 1and1 account or your 1and1 package, just follow the steps below. Open the 1and1 website on your computer and sign in to your account.1&1 Website

    • Start by opening your browser.
    • Enter the website name –
    • Click 1and1 uk login which is located in the upper portion of the website. Continue to 1and1 sign in.

    1&1 Login

    • After logging in, you will be taken to the 1and1 dashboard. Click 1and1 control panel.
    • Enter your Customer ID. You can either use your account number, 1and1 username, or domain name.
    • Enter your password. Click Forgot Your Password if you can’t remember it.
    • Finally, click Login.
    • Click Remember me if you want to login instantly.
    • If you are not yet a 1and1 customer, then click Become our customer now and take advantage of our offers.

    You can find great 1and1 jobs or read 1and1 review after you have logged in or learn how to cancel a domain name 1and1.

  2. Step Two: Choose The Service To Cancel

    How to cancel 1and1 internet account? Keep in mind that if you only have one package in your account, then your entire account will be canceled once you cancel your package. Another way of canceling your entire account, which includes all your packages, is to fill out and submit Account Cancellation Request Form which is located on the Administrative Forms page.

    How to Cancel 1and1 Account

    1&1 Cancellation

    After you have logged in, you will be taken to My Account panel. In order to proceed, choose Cancellation from the Contract Data.

    1&1 Cancel Contract

    Your screen will show “Cancel this entire contract” along with a short explanation. Just click Next.

    1&1 Continue Cancellation

    Some important notes with regards to your cancellation will be displayed. Just click Continue Anyway in order to proceed with your 1and1 cancellation.

    1&1 Reason For Cancellation

    There must be a particular reason why you would want to cancel your package or account. On the following page, you will be prompted to choose the reason for your 1and1 cancel contract. After making a choice, click to Next button.

    1&1 Contract to Cancel

    The details of your contract will be shown on the Cancellation Summary Screen. Click Next to proceed.

    1&1 Contract Description

    In order to confirm your cancellation, just click Next on the Cancellation Confirmation Screen.

    1&1 Cancellation Request

    The next screen will show your cancellation request. By clicking Reverse Cancellation, the cancellation will not proceed. This is great if you changed your mind. Take note that your cancellation request that contains your 1and1 cancellation number, has been submitted. To activate your cancellation, you should get in touch and contact free 1and1 customer service 0800 917 6273. 1and1 cancel hosting keep domain is also another great option.

    How to Cancel Domain in 1and1

    If you have several domains, and you want to cancel some of them, then 1and1 cancel domain renewal will instantly cancel your domain. For cancelling your domain name, choose Domains found under My Products menu.  If you have a lot of domain names, then choose the specific domain name that you want to cancel then choose Renewal & Transfer. Select disable renewal link.

    Finally, choose the auto-renewal button. When done with 1and1 cancel auto-renewal, your domain will not be automatically renewed anymore. It will be automatically canceled, once its expiration date has arrived. A confirmation message will be sent to your email. However, if you want your domain to stay active, you can always re-enable automatic renewal any time you want.  You need to choose a reason for your 1&1 cancel auto renewal.

    How to Cancel Additional Features in 1and1

    Sometimes you still want to keep your domain but decided to cancel some features or items. If you only want to cancel additional features, then click Cancel Additional items. For cancelling additional items or features, just select the particular feature or item that you want to cancel. Select their cancellation dates, then continue.

  3. Step Three: Check For Cancellation Fees

    In case you need to pay any cancellation fees, then you should get your debit card or credit card ready. After you have submitted your cancellation request, you have to make sure that it was done correctly. For any concerns such as cancellation fees, you can always read 1and1 cancellation policy or make a connection with 1and1 free number 0800 917 6273 or 1and1 contact number 0333 336 5691 and suppor team.

  4. Step Four: Contact 1and1 Telephone Number

    For any other questions and clarifications about your 1and1 cancel contract the UK or 1and1 cancel SSL, simply use 1and1 telephone number and talk to a member of the Support team via 1and1 free contact number UK 0800 917 6273. On the lower right side of the main menu, you can also click the Hotline icon. This will give you more options for making a connection with 1and1 and understand how to cancel domain in 1and1.

  5. Step Five: Contact 1and1 By Chat or Email

    If you would like to have a live chat with the customer service team, just click Chat on the lower right side of the main menu. Type your questions about 1and1 cancel domain the UK, 1and1 complaints, or concerns, then click Start chatting. Another method is to click 1and1 help from the main website. If you prefer to send your questions through email then use this 1and1 support email address [email protected].

    You can also send your 1&1 cancel account questions and complaints by post and use the 1and1 address:

    Discovery House
    154 Southgate Street
    GL1 2EX
    United Kingdom

Contact 1and1 Social Media for More Information

Sometimes it is not easy to figure out how to cancel 1and1 accounts, or even change your 1and1 hosting domain. 1and1UK Facebook has super quick response time. Even within a few minutes to an hour according to the website. You can also send quick enquiries about your 1and1 cancellation plans to 1and1 UK Twitter or 1and1 LinkedIn. Check out
1and1 UK YouTube to see if there is any information about cancelling 1and1 domain sites there. You can also check in at 1and1 UK Hosting Google+.