How to Book a Driving Test

If you are old enough to drive, then you can get your own driving licence. The first thing that you need to do is book your theory test. After you have passed the theory test then you can proceed with booking your driving test.

How to book a driving theory test with DVLA? In order to help you in making your DVLA test booking easier, just follow these steps. For the DVLA contact details on how to call and book a practice exam visit DVLA online.

  • Step One: Book your DVLA theory test online.
  • Step Two: Other methods of booking your theory test.
  • Step Three: Book your DVLA driving test online.
  1. Step One: Book your DVLA theory test online

    This theory test is only meant for those who are planning to drive cars, motorcycles, busses, lorries, and coaches. DVLA practice exams can be booked through telephone or by sending an email online. You will have to pay using a credit or debit card.

    The cost of theory test varies. For cars and motorcycles, the fee is £23. While for lorry and bus tests cost; part 1a (multiple-choice questions), the cost is £26, for part 1b (hazard perception), the fee is £11, and for part 2 (case studies), you have to pay £23. Upon booking your test, mention if you have health issues, disabilities or vision trouble, especially reading from close range or distance.

    In order to book your theory driving test online, you should log in first. It is very important that you fill out all the fields.

    DVLA - Theory test

    • Enter your first and middle name. Here is an example:

    DVLA - first and middle

    • Enter your surname. Below is a sample.

    DVLA - surname

    • If you already own a driving licence and this test is for the purpose of renewing your licence, then enter your driving licence number. Otherwise, you will be assigned a number at a later date. Please refer to the sample below.

    DVLA - driving licence number

    • Enter your date of birth.
    • Click Log In
  2. Step Two: Other methods of booking your theory test

    For those who do not have an email address, then they can book their theory test by getting in touch with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). You can contact DVSA email [email protected] or you can dial DVLA contact number 0300 200 1122. You can talk to them from Monday to Friday, between 8 am to 6 pm. They will gladly help you with your concern.

    In the event you also need to reshedule your practice exam or theory exam you can do so when you contact DVSA. There are one of two methods as well. You can use that same DVSA contact number 0300 200 1122 as mentioned above or you can email DVSA online [email protected]. These services unlike DVLA are only open 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday. No exams take place on the weekend.

  3. Step Three: Book your DVLA driving test online

    How to book car practical test with DVLA? You cannot book a driving test if you did not pass the theory test. Booking a practical driving test is only meant for those who want to drive cars, motorcycles, busses, lorries, and coaches. You can also take the exam if you have an approved driving instructor (ADI) part 2 and 3 tests. Keep in mind that this service can only be availed from 6 am to 11:40 pm.

    Be sure to prepare the things that are needed before you take the exam. This includes your driving instructor’s personal reference number in case you would like to know if they are available. The cost of taking a driving test for cars is £62. However, for evenings, weekends, and bank holidays, the cost is £75.

    DVLA - Driving test -car

    For busses, motorcycles, lorries, and other vehicles, please refer to the table below.


    The cost of booking a driving test for busses, lorries, coaches, motorcycles, and tractors varies base on the day that you want to take your exam. You can either choose to take it on weekdays or weekends.


    Keep in mind that evening and weekend driving tests are not offered all of the time. Their availability will be displayed once you have booked your driving test. Evening tests will start from 4:30 pm onwards.

    DVLA - Driving test -motorcycle

    These prices are only offered at GOV.UK. If you book at other unofficial websites, then you will have to pay more.

    DVLA - Driving test -tractor

    If you did not pass the test, then you should make a rebooking. Consequently, you will pay again. However, if you have passed the driving test then you can start driving right away.

    You are only qualified to take the driving test if you are a resident in England, Wales or Scotland. You must have lived in these places for at least 185 days in the last 12 months prior to taking the test.

    If you want to book a test in order to upgrade your licence, then you should talk to a member of the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). Upgrade tests are meant for those drivers who want to upgrade from automatic to a manual car, or medium-sized lorry to a large lorry.

    Here are the steps to book a driving test:

    DVLA - Driving test -type of test

    • Choose the type of test that you want to take.

    DVLA - Driving test -licence details

      • Enter your licence details.
      • Choose your preferred test date.
      • Select a driving testing centre.
      • Choose a particular time that you want to take your test.
      • Enter your personal details.
      • Enter your credit card or debit card details.
      • Confirm then make a payment.
      • Finally, you’re done!

    Even if you have already made a booking for your driving test you can still change it. This is also known as ‘cancellation appointments’. You can check for earlier schedules if there are any. Access your booking to change your driving test schedule. Do you want to cancel your driving test? If you want to cancel or change your booking, then you must get ready with your UK driving licence, driving test reference number or theory test pass certificate number. You can only get a full refund after three working days. Working days do not include Sundays and public holidays. In case you have lost or deleted your email confirmation, then there’s no need to worry since you can easily view it. Checking your driving test appointment details will give you the date and time of your driving test as well as the address of the driving test centre.


    • Enter your driving licence number.
    • Enter your test reference number.

Good luck with your exams!